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for HP Monitor Power Cord 27 25 23.8 23 21.5 20 19V Power Supply HP Monitor 27f 24f 22cwa 24m 23er 23es 27eb 32f vh240a 24ea 27 25vx 27es ADPC1945 IPS LED Backlit Full HD Display

for HP Monitor Power Cord 27 25 23.8 23 21.5 20 19V Power Supply HP Monitor 27f 24f 22cwa 24m 23er 23es 27eb 32f vh240a 24ea

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【Replacement HP monitor power cord】 : 27f, 24f, 25f, vh240a 20xi C4 D33 AA#ABA, 22cwa T4 Q59 AA, 22 CW, 22 XW, 23 XW, 23cw, 23tm, TOUCH E1 L11 AA#ABA, 23xi C3 Z94 AA#ABA, 24 XW, 24ea, 24ec, 24mh,25 CW, 25bw C3 Z96 AA, 25xi C3 Z97 AA#ABA,25xw, 27xi C4 D27 AA#ABA, 27er, 27es, 27xw ,27 CW HP Pavilion 27 27xw 27xi 27bw 25 24ea 25xw 25bw 25xi 22xi 22cwa 22bw 22fi 23 23bw 23cw 23xi 23fi 23er 20xi PN : ADPC1945, ADPC1965 , J7 Y67 AA#ABA , J7 Y75 AA#ABA , J7 Y65 AA#ABA , ADPC-1945, ADPC-1965, 700392-001, 735297-001, 700392001. 【Compatible with hp monitor power supply】 : 735297001 735297-001 700393-001 ADPC1945 E1 L11 AA#ABA T3 M76 AA#ABA C3 Z96 AA C3 Z97 AA#ABA C4 D27 AA#ABA HP Pavilion 22bw 22cwa 22fi 22er 22es 23bw 23vx 23cw 23tm 23er 23es 23fi 23xw 24ea 24es 24m 25bw 25er 25es 25vx 25xi 25xw 27bw 27fw 27xi 27er 27es 27xw 32f IPS Monitor,23.8 1 D0 J9 AA#ABA;27 22 H94 AA#ABA.❌❌❌Not for 2011 X 2211 X 2311 X 2511 X 2711 X M22 F M24 F M24 FW M27 F. 【Input voltage ranget】 : 100-240 V Output Max : 19 V 3.42 A 65 W Max ( 1.58 A,2.1 A,2.37 A,3 A Compatiblle with); extra long power cord and The Power Cord Bending Resistance is not Easy to Damage. 【Safety 30 days refund, 12 months exchange. Input : 100-240v 50/60 HZ. Output : 19 V 3.42 A 65 W Max ( 2.1 A,2.37 A,3 A Compatiblle with). Color : black. Power Supply : 3.54 *2.08*1.41inch. Please do not disassemble at will. Avoid extreme temperatures. In the course of use, the temperature rise is normal. We are totally obsessive about top quality and service. Any questions shall meet with our careful attention,. we will response within 24 hours,And we guarranty a satisfied solution to you. power cord. Compatible 19 V HP Monitor power cord:. HP 31.5inch Display 32f. HP Pavilion 27 inch Display 27f 27bw 27cw 27fw 27xi 27xw 27er 27es 27ea C4 D27 AA C4 D27 A2 C4 D27 A7 #ABA,T3 M86 AA. HP Pavilion 25 inch Display 25f 25es 25bw 25cw 25bw 25xi 25xw 25er 25vx C3 Z96 AA C3 Z97 AA J7 Y75 AA J7 Y65 AA #ABA. HP Pavilion 23.8 inch Display vh240a 24f 24ea 24ec 24er 24m 24mh. HP Pavilion 23 inch Display 23f 23bw 23cw 23fi 23tm 23xi 23xw 23er 23es 23vx C3 Z94 AA E1 L11 AA #ABA. HP Pavilion 21.5 inch Display 22cwa 22cw 22es 22fi 22xi 22xw 22er 22es 22bw T4 Q59 AA#ABA. HP Pavilion 20 inch Display 20xi C4 D33 AA#ABA HP Monitor Display T3 M72 AA T3 M76 AA T3 M84 AA T3 M88 AA T3 M74 AA #ABA. Part Number# : Lite On PA-1041–91 AM-LF, Honor ADS-45 NP-19-1 19040 G, ADS-45 NP19040 G, ADS-40 NP-19-1 19040 E, ADS-40 NP19040 E, ADPC1945, ADPC1965, ADPC-1945, ADPC-1965, ADP-40 LD D, ADS-40 NP-19–119040 E, 700392-001, 735297-001, 700392001, 735297001. Not fit for 2011 X , 2211 X , 2311 X , 2511 X ,2711 X , M22 F M24 F M24 FE M24 FW M27 F M27 FW M27 FWA M27 FD M27 FQ.

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